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School Head Injury Lawyer El Segundo

As a parent, you will be aware of just how easily a child can sustain an injury. From the time they first lost their balance as babies learning how to sit unaided, you will become familiar with that feeling of fear and dread when the most precious person in your life has potentially received a serious injury. Thankfully, most childhood injuries are not severe but, when your child is injured severely while at school, an El Segundo school head injury attorney could help you to hold the school accountable for the negligence, and to recover damages in respect of your child’s injuries.

Most accidents are simply that – an accident – but, when there is more at play in your child sustaining a head injury, an El Segundo school head injury attorney is here for you.

Common Types of Childhood Head Injury

The words “head injury” can strike fear into the heart of any parent as soon as they are uttered but, in reality, a head injury is not always a major concern. Of course, any person with a head injury should be closely monitored but, for the most part, the injury will soon heal with no lasting ill effects. Familiarizing yourself with the signs and symptoms of the most common types of childhood head injury will mean you know how to deal with it appropriately, should your child be injured in this way.

Concussion – Perhaps the most well-known type of head-injury, concussions can be minor, with symptoms disappearing after just a short time, or they can lead to ongoing brain damage and health issues. Children can sustain concussions from falling, while playing football or another contact sport, or after a bump on the head. This brief guide to the levels of concussion will allow you to treat your child’s head injury appropriately:

  • Grade 1 – Very few, if any, symptoms. Perhaps a little confusion at the time of impact
  • Grade 2 – Symptoms may last for 15 minutes or more
  • Grade 3 – The most severe level of concussion can involve loss of consciousness, nausea, and vomiting. There may be some tissue damage to the brain when this level of injury occurs

For a grade 1 concussion, a close eye should be kept on your child to ensure symptoms are not delayed. In the case of grade 3, emergency medical attention should be sought immediately

Contusions – Generally more severe than concussions, contusions occur when a child’s brain suffers bruising, bleeding, or swelling. A blow on the head, car accident or particularly aggressive football tackle could result in a contusion.

Depending on the type of accident your child is involved in, their head injury may also come in the form of a skull fracture or traumatic brain injury. In short, if you suspect your child has sustained a significant head injury, you must seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

Working with an El Segundo School Head Injury Attorney

If your child has sustained a head injury at school, it may be due to the school’s negligence, or failure to follow proper procedure. An El Segundo school head injury attorney could ensure the school is held accountable for this failure to keep your child safe, and for any delay in seeking appropriate treatment after a head injury.

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