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School Head Trauma Lawyer El Segundo

It is every parent’s worst nightmare – a call from the school to inform you that your child has sustained a serious head injury whilst on campus. When you send your child to school, you trust that they will be kept safe, and are in a nurturing environment, surrounded by teachers and other members of staff with their best interests in mind. While accidents can happen to even the most careful of students, and in the most dedicated schools, oftentimes it is found that head traumas and brain injuries could have been preventable. One of the main causes of head trauma and brain injuries in school-age children in contact sports, where competitiveness and a desire to excel on the sports field can become prioritized over safety and wellbeing.

If your child has sustained a brain injury in an accident at school – sports-related or otherwise – an El Segundo school head trauma attorney from Okabe & Haushalter could recover damages in respect of these injuries.

The Most Common Causes of School Head Trauma and Related Injuries

Did you know that high school football players are significantly more at risk of head trauma and brain injuries than their collegiate counterparts? Recent statistics suggest that the average high school football player suffers around 11.2 concussions per 10,000 games or practice sessions, compared to 6.3 for college football players. The NFL, who commissioned the study into concussions amongst young football players, have attributed this difference to the greatly-enhanced safety measures implemented at colleges. Your grade school, high school, private high school, public school, or Catholic school child deserves an equal level of protection from potentially life-limiting head trauma.

While football-related head trauma can lead to significant issues in later life, as demonstrated by many former NFL players, contact sports are not the only reason why a school child may suffer head trauma. While working as El Segundo school head trauma attorneys, and successfully recovering damages on behalf of victims like you and your child, we have seen injuries resulting from:

  • Falls, perhaps from a bicycle or scooter, or due to a slip and fall accident
  • Playground accidents, including faulty playground equipment
  • Falling objects
  • Physical attacks
  • Accidents while playing sports (other than football)
  • Negligent supervision

Of course, we do understand and accept that accidents do happen but, at Okabe & Haushalter, we are passionate about protecting your child’s legal rights, and holding their school accountable for any negligence, or deliberately dangerous, actions that may have occurred.

How an El Segundo School Head Trauma Attorney Could Help You, And Your Child

When you approach our El Segundo school head trauma attorney in search of expert legal representation, your lawyer will explain that there are several aspects to our work. Firstly, we will gather all the available evidence, and use it to build a strong case on your behalf. Should the school be found to have behaved negligently, your attorney will work tirelessly to prove this. Once these two steps have been complete, your El Segundo school head trauma attorney can pursue monetary damages in respect of your child’s injuries.

To learn more about how our attorneys can help in your child’s individual case, schedule your free initial consultation by calling us today on 310-430-7799.