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When you send your child to school, whether that is grade school, private high school, Catholic school, public school or otherwise, you expect them to be treated with respect and kept safe while under the school’s care. Although this may happen the vast majority of the time, for the vast majority of students, there are times when your child may be failed by their school. California’s teacher code of conduct focuses on the duty to keep children safe at all times, from bullying, injuries and other hazards, but sometimes students need to be kept safe from the teachers too. School leadership teams have a legal responsibility to ensure that your child is not affected by teacher misconduct or any other potential danger. Where they fail to fulfill this responsibility, an El Segundo school misconduct attorney could provide the legal representation needed to address the issue.

How Teacher Misconduct Can Affect Your Child

It is highly unlikely that you are not aware of the risk of your child being victimized by a school bully, sustaining an injury at school, or even being accused of cheating on an assignment or exam. You may be less aware of the potential for a teacher to have an adverse effect on both your child’s education and their overall wellbeing, by indulging in behaviors such as:

  • Discriminating against students based on race, religious beliefs, or another matter
  • Unfairly inflating or deflating students’ grades
  • Falsifying legal documents such as their own teaching qualifications, or college transcripts

Ultimately, your child’s school is responsible for ensuring none of these, or any other potential example of teacher misconduct is allowed to happen. If it does happen, the school must act immediately to put an end to the behavior and to ensure that it cannot occur again in the future.

If your child has been affected by any failure on the part of the school to keep them safe – from other students, physical hazards, or teacher misconduct – you could benefit from the legal expertise and aggressive approach of an Okabe and Haushalter El Segundo school misconduct attorney.

When your child’s school suspects teacher misconduct, there are certain steps they should take, including identifying the concern and making detailed notes before approaching the teacher in question.

Any failure to follow this process, and act in a way that demonstrates their commitment to keeping your child safe, will be viewed dimly both by the courts and by your El Segundo school misconduct attorney.

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Something as valuable as your child’s education, wellbeing, and future should never be left to an inexperienced attorney. The most important person in your life deserves the best legal representation when suffering due to school misconduct and, at Okabe & Haushalter, we can promise to deliver nothing less.

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