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El Segundo Internet Crime Lawyer

Modern times breed modern crimes, and many of those crimes today take place using the internet as a medium. Although the internet is a helpful tool that many of us use daily in our jobs and in our homes, it is also a place where crime can happen. Being accused of committing an internet crime is cause for serious concern, and even if you are innocent of the crimes you are charged with, you will need a capable defense attorney to stand up for you in court. When you find yourself in need of an internet crime lawyer in El Segundo or Los Angeles County, the experienced attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter can assist you with navigating your legal options.

Internet crimes that are federal offenses

Many old-fashioned crimes that have been on the books for more than a century have been reborn as internet crimes, and some of these are not only against state law but are federal offenses. Some of these include:

  • Mail fraud or wire fraud conducted online
  • Sending harassing messages via email or other online means
  • Hacking into protected computers or networks
  • Downloading or distributing child pornography online
  • Identity theft using online means

Other types of cyber crimes

Not every cybercrime is a federal offense, but many of the offenses that break state laws can come with serious penalties. For example, stalking someone via the internet is still a breach of California Penal Code Section 646.9, which states that any willful, repeated malicious contact with another person—regardless of the medium in which that contact takes place. This crime can be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or a felony, and in the case of repeat offenses, punishments can be much harsher than for those of first-time offenders. Any unauthorized use of a computer is unlawful under Section 502 of the California Penal Code, and any of these offenses can also be charged either as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime. For example, hacking into an acquaintance’s computer and erasing his digital photo collection from his hard drive may not be charged in the same way as hacking into that same person’s computer and taking all his bank passwords.

How a defense attorney can help with your case

Regardless of what internet crime you are charged with committing, a knowledgeable defense lawyer can help you in court. As legal experts, these lawyers can investigate your case and study the letter of the law to see how your situation fits in and whether or not your case could qualify for acquittal. They can also negotiate on your behalf and may be able to get your charges and sentences reduced.

We know how to fight internet crimes charges

When you need an internet lawyer in El Segundo or anywhere else in the L.A. area, trust the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter to take on your case. We are internet crime legal experts, and our reputation for courtroom excellence is proven by the results we get when defending our clients. We can put up an aggressive defense for you if you have been charged with an internet crime, and we will fight to reduce charges and minimize penalties if convicted.