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El Segundo Molestation Victim Attorney

El Segundo Molestation Victim Lawyer

The crime of molestation can leave a lifelong impact on its victims, and the effects can remain even after the perpetrator has been prosecuted in criminal court. Even if the person who hurt you is behind bars, it does not take away the pain they caused. However, you can sue your abuser or a third party who enabled the abuse for damages in civil court. If you were molested and reside in or near in Los Angeles county, we urge you to contact a molestation victim lawyer in El Segundo to learn more about your rights as a victim.

You can pursue a case in civil court even if your abuser was not criminally charged

You have the right to sue your abuser for the pain and suffering you endured at their hands and the damages caused as a result of your molestation. Even if your abuser was not criminally charged, you can pursue a civil court case. You can also press criminal charges at the same time as setting up a case in civil court. Speak to a qualified attorney to learn more about your options when pursuing a civil lawsuit.

Damages caused by abuse go beyond the physical

Often, survivors of molestation require years of intensive therapy sessions in order to work past the psychological harm done to them when the crime of molestation occurred. Whether you were molested once or were repeatedly victimized over time, the harm caused by your abuse can be long-lasting and result in financial strain. Lost wages and medical or therapy bills due to the trauma of the abuse can cause serious stress and reduce your quality of life, even years after the abuse occurred.

What a lawyer can do for you in civil court

Civil courtrooms are not concerned with determining guilt or innocence or establishing sentences based on criminal law. Rather, they are concerned with establishing liability, negligence and damages on the part of one party as it pertains to another. You may be entitled to damages in the form of financial compensation if your abuser or another party is found to be responsible for your pain and suffering in civil court. These damages could go a long way toward repaying piled-up bills and paying for the therapy you may need as an abuse survivor.

Okabe and Haushalter can help you get justice in civil court

You don’t have to keep suffering alone. When you are ready to consider pursuing a civil case, talk to a molestation victim lawyer in El Segundo at Okabe and Haushalter. Our attorneys can fight for you in civil court, making sure everyone who played a part in your victimization gets pinned down by the finger of justice. You may be entitled to monetary compensation as a survivor, and your case could help to prevent the victimization of others in the future. We offer free consultations, so don’t wait another minute. Call us today to get started with your civil case.