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El Segundo Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

Child pornography is illegal to own or to trade, sell or otherwise distribute in the state of California. When you are charged with one of these offenses, it can be a shocking and terrifying experience. Although child pornography crimes are very serious, a competent defense attorney can assist you so that you are ready to fight the charges when your court date comes. Speak to a child pornography attorney today to find out more about what your defense options may be.

The hierarchy of child pornography-related offenses

All crimes related to child pornography are serious. However, some offenses come with harsher penalties than others. The California Penal Code outlines these crimes and their penalties in Section 311.

Simple possession

Although possession of child pornography is illegal under state law, this is one of the least serious offenses related to child pornography in terms of how it is classified under the law and how it is penalized. A possession charge is a felony, but the typical punishment for a first-time conviction is a 2,500 dollar fine and less than one year in a local jail.


Penalties for distributing or transporting child pornography vary according to the reason for which the distribution or transportation is alleged to have taken place. For example, someone charged with trading child pornography may face a year in jail or prison and a 2,000 dollar fine. If that person is charged with distributing the material for the reason of commercial or financial gain, though, the penalties are distinctly more severe. In these cases, a convicted party could face fines up to 100,000 dollars and up to six years behind bars in a state penitentiary.

Repeat convictions may be penalized differently

People who are convicted of distributing child pornography, even if not for business purposes, may face longer periods of incarceration and steeper fines if they are considered repeat offenders. For example, the usual 2,000 dollar fine for distribution could be raised as high as 50,000 dollars for a repeat conviction.

All child pornography offenses require sex offender registration

Apart from the fines and incarceration that a person accused of a child pornography-related offense faces, each person convicted of one of these crimes must register with the national sex offender database. This database is open to not only to present and potential landlords, employers and schools, but also to the general public, meaning your current and future neighbors and friends can also access your personal information and the details of the crime you were charged with.

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Being accused of these crimes can feel intimidating, but an aggressive defense attorney can help you fight the charges you face. If you are being charged with a child pornography-related crime in the L.A. area, a child pornography attorney in El Segundo can help you with your case. The knowledgeable team at Okabe and Haushalter can defend you in court and will keep you informed of your options under the law every step of the way. There is no fee for a consultation, so call us today and learn for yourself why we have a reputation for courtroom excellence.