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Beverly Hills International Civil Litigation Attorney

Beverly Hills International Civil Litigation Lawyer

The laws pertaining to grievances that transcend one country’s national borders are complex, making them difficult to navigate. However, both individuals and businesses can and do engage in civil litigation outside of their home bases for a variety of reasons. When two or more countries and their respective laws are involved in a given civil suit, only a professional who knows their way around international litigation can offer a satisfying outcome. Not many firms are equipped to tackle these cases, which are by their nature, complicated—but if you need an experienced international civil litigation attorney in Beverly Hills, we can help.

Litigation involving foreign businesses

Much of international civil litigation involves a foreign company doing business in another country, with or without a physical presence in that country. For example, some companies may conduct business within the borders of the United States, but have a headquarters in another country. These companies may or may not have a base of some sort, such as a distribution facility, in the geographic boundaries of the U.S. When there is a grievance involving a foreign-run company, an international civil suit may be necessary to bring about a satisfactory resolution.

Litigating foreign sovereigns

Cases where foreign sovereigns are involved—when a person or entity has a grievance with a foreign government—are handled using the tenets of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. This U.S. federal law was enacted in 1976 and dictates which foreign sovereigns can receive state or sovereign immunity in a given suit. This Act also serves to provide guidelines for processes and procedures involved in transnational law.

What can an international civil litigation attorney do for you?

Whether you are a U.S. national conducting transactions overseas or a foreign national conducting business in the United States, the laws governing international civil litigation can help you if you have a grievance that transcends national borders. An international civil litigation attorney can aid you in the following ways:

  • Upholding judgments and awards from foreign states
  • Disputes involving transnational contracts
  • Gathering evidence both before and after discovery
  • Providing legal representation for you or your business at home and offshore

Are you facing a legal matter that involves two or more countries or their respective governments? Contact a skilled international civil litigation attorney to learn more about your rights and what you can expect in terms of resolving your case.

We can assist you with your international civil litigation needs

If you need help untangling the laws governing issues that are spread across national borders, contact an international civil litigation attorney in Beverly Hills. The team at Okabe and Haushalter are knowledgeable in international civil litigation and can help you with your case starting with a free consultation. We pride ourselves on our reputation for courtroom excellence both in the United States and abroad. There is no risk to you to have your case assessed by our legal experts, so call or click today to learn more about how we can help you.