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Beverly Hills Sex Crime Defense Attorney

Beverly Hills Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

The term “sex crimes” encompasses a range of criminal offenses related to sexual activity or behavior. Some sex crimes are misdemeanor offenses, while others can result in a felony charge. Penalties range from probation, jail time, prison time and fines and may include compulsory sex offender registration. All of these penalties have an impact on the life of the person convicted of a sex crime and can affect where the person may hold employment and even where they may live. Refusal to abide by the rules regarding these penalties—such as failure to register or failure to inform neighbors of sex-offender status—can result in even more legal trouble down the line. That’s why it’s imperative that anyone charged with a sex crime seek legal counsel to advise them and advocate for them in the courtroom.

Common sex crime charges

Although this is by no means a comprehensive list, here are some of the sex crime charges we have helped clients defend themselves against in court:

If you or someone you know has been charged with one of these or any other sex crimes, you have the right to legal representation in the courtroom. A sex crime defense attorney can help you set up a stalwart defense against the charges that have been leveled against you, and the skilled criminal law experts at Okabe and Haushalter have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your court case.

Is sex offender registration forever?

In most cases, people who are convicted of sex crimes will need to register as sex offenders or face legal repercussions for failing to do so. This means that the personal information of the convicted party—like the photo, address, full name and date of birth—become available online for the whole world to see. However, in some cases, these individuals may apply to become “undisclosed” offenders, meaning they can have their information removed from the view of the general public. Contact us today to find out more about removing public disclosure.

How an adept criminal defense lawyer can help

Someone accused of a sex crime needs a criminal defense lawyer who knows the penal code inside and out, and who has the experience and case results to prove it. Choose an attorney with a record of going all-in for their clients in the courtroom. Not all defense strategies are created equal, but the dynamic tactics utilized by the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter can help our clients reduce charges and reduce penalties.

What to do if you are accused of a sex crime

Everyone charged with a sex crime has the right to retain legal defense. Criminal defense is our specialty, and at Okabe and Haushalter, we have a reputation for being proactive and aggressive when defending our clients in court. If you need a sex crime defense attorney in Beverly Hills, call us today. We will put our criminal law expertise to work for you, so you can have the chance to have your side of the story be heard in the courtroom. We offer case evaluations to all our clients free of charge, so call today.