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Beverly Hills Internet Crimes Lawyer

Fast-paced technological advancements are the cornerstone of the modern era. With all the progress technology has made over the past few decades—even the past few years—the internet has become more and more enmeshed in our daily lives. Practically every time we tap or swipe our smartphones and every time we open up our laptops, we find ourselves browsing the internet for work or fun. However, the internet, although a useful tool and a convenient way to pass the time, can also be a place where trouble lurks in the shadows. In a world where convenience is king, it is far too easy to end up accused of committing an internet crime.

Types of common internet crimes

Some of the types of internet crime cases we have handled include:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Computer hacking and network hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Chatroom crimes
  • Child pornography cases
  • Internet hate crimes

If you or someone you know has been accused of one of these or any other online-related crimes and live in the greater Los Angeles area, contact an internet crime defense attorney in Beverly Hills. The criminal defense specialists at Okabe and Haushalter are experienced in defending people charged with internet crimes, and we have a reputation of providing courtroom excellence to our clients as we fight for their rights in a court of law.

Internet crimes are often accompanied by other criminal charges

It is not uncommon for internet crimes to be paired with other criminal charges. For example, a person who is alleged to have used the internet in order to hack into a computer network in an attempt to defraud money from a financial institution may face bank fraud charges or possible identity theft charges along with the charges related to the internet crime itself. Even something seemingly innocuous like pranking a friend by logging into their social media account could be considered an internet crime under the California Penal Code.

Charges and penalties range from small fines to hefty prison sentences

Section 502 of the California Penal Code is a lengthy document, and it outlines the crimes and punishments that fall under the umbrella of computer-related crimes, including internet crimes. Some of these crimes are misdemeanors whose maximum fines are a few thousand dollars, while several of the charges are felony charges and could result in a five-figure fine and several years of incarceration. A knowledgeable defense attorney can plead down those charges and reduce the penalties their clients face for their alleged criminal activity.

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Have you been charged with committing a crime while online? If so, you need an internet crime defense attorney in Beverly Hills who knows their way around criminal law. The lawyers at Okabe and Haushalter are known for their assertiveness when representing their clients in court and can put up a stone-solid defense that could result in reduced charges or even reduced sentences. There is no cost to you for a consultation, so call today and make the first move toward getting your life back on track.