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Beverly Hills Rape Defense Lawyer

In California and the United States as a whole, rape is generally considered a serious offense. Being accused of rape can be a ruinous thing, not only in terms of your reputation but also in terms of the harsh penalties doled out to people who are convicted of the crime. These penalties can include incarceration in a state or federal prison, tens of thousands of dollars in fines, and mandatory sex offender registration for life.

California rape laws

California Penal Code Sections 261 through 264 cover laws pertaining to rape. These laws include a general definition of the crime of rape, spousal rape, and statutory rape, and they outline the possible punishments for those convicted of these crimes under state law. A person may be alleged to have committed rape if they fail to obtain consent before engaging in sexual activity with an individual or if the alleged victim states that they were not cognizant of the sex act at the time it took place, regardless of why they lacked said cognizance. State law says a person convicted of rape could face more than a decade behind bars, depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged rape, such as the age of the alleged victim or the number of people present and participating during the act.

In some cases, rape charges may be federal offenses

Although federal charges pertaining to rape may be less common, it is possible for a person being charged with rape to be accused of a federal crime. This typically occurs when the rape is alleged to have involved children or trafficked individuals, and the penalties for a federal rape-related charge may be harsher than the penalties under California state law.

Anyone charged with rape needs a strong legal defense team

Rape charges are not taken lightly in the state of California, but having a competent legal defense team can make all the difference when it comes to pleading down to lesser charges or reducing fines and prison time if convicted. Okabe and Haushalter is a team of expert rape defense attorneys, and our criminal law experts can put their skills to work for you if you have been charged with rape. We can help orchestrate a solid defense for you so that you can have your side of the story be represented in court as you deserve.

Your right to retain an attorney

If you live in Los Angeles County and are facing a charge of rape or any form of sexual assault, you need good legal counsel on your side. The staff at Okabe and Haushalter are known for being some of the best rape defense attorneys in Beverly Hills and can help you argue your case in a court of law. Their aggressive strategies for defending their clients has earned them a reputation of courtroom excellence, and a consultation regarding your case is available at zero cost to you. Call now for your free case assessment.