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Long Beach Molestation Victim Attorney

Long Beach Molestation Victim Lawyer

Being a victim of molestation can leave lifelong marks on your psyche, and the trauma can remain long after the crime is over. Even if your abuser has been convicted in criminal court, it does not take away the damage they did. However, regardless of whether you pursued or intend to pursue justice in criminal court, you can sue your abuser for damages in civil court. If you were molested and reside in the greater Los Angeles area, we urge you to contact a molestation victim lawyer in Long Beach to learn more about your options in the civil courts.

You can file a civil case regardless of whether you filed criminal charges

You have the right to pursue a civil case against the person who molested you for the pain and suffering you went through and the damage caused by their crime. Even if you did not take your abuser to criminal court, you can file a civil suit to hold your abuser liable for the damages they caused. Speak to a knowledgeable attorney to learn more about your options when pursuing a civil lawsuit.

Damages caused by abuse are serious and can be long-lasting

Many victims of molestation require years of therapy in order to work past the psychological damage they suffered as a result of their abuse. Whether you were victimized once or were chronically abused, the harm caused by the crime you were a victim of can be long-lasting and result in serious financial difficulties. Lost wages and stacks of therapy bills due to the trauma of the abuse can cause serious stress and reduce your quality of life, even long after the abuse itself took place.

What an attorney can do to help you with your civil case

Civil courtrooms are not places where people are convicted of crimes and sentenced to incarceration. The duty of the civil court is to establish liability, negligence, and damages and to enforce the payout of those established damages at the end of the case. You may be entitled to cash compensation if your abuser or another party is found liable for your pain and suffering in civil court. Financial compensation in the form of damages collected could be used to pay off piled-up bills and to pay for the therapy you may continue to need as an abuse victim.

Okabe and Haushalter can help you get justice in civil court

You don’t have to suffer in silence. When you are ready to consider filing a civil suit, talk to a molestation victim lawyer in Long Beach at Okabe and Haushalter. Our attorneys can represent you in civil court, making sure everyone who contributed your victimization is held liable in court. You may be entitled to a cash award as a survivor, and your case could help to prevent future victimization of other people. We offer no-cost case evaluations, so there is no need to hesitate another moment. Call us today to get started with your civil case.