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Bank fraud is a crime that often comes in a stack along with other criminal charges. In most cases, fraud involving financial institutions is a federal offense, and people who are convicted of this crime can face very large fines and may potentially be sentenced to dozens of years in prison. Being charged with committing bank fraud can make you feel like your life is unraveling, but facing criminal charges does not have to ruin your life. What you need is a competent criminal defense team, and a phone call to bank fraud attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter can get you on the right path. We have offices located throughout Los Angeles County to serve you.

How bank fraud is defined

Bank fraud is a label applied to any crime in which the accused is charged with defrauding a bank or other financial institution such as a credit union. These criminal offenses may include embezzlement, impersonating a financial institution, check fraud and counterfeiting. Some types of bank fraud can coincide with other charges under federal and state statutes, such as identity theft used for financial gain.

In some cases, federal charges and state charges may be applied

Because most banks and credit unions in the United States are backed by FDIC insurance, most allegations of bank fraud are classified as federal offenses. However, many states, including California, also have penal codes pertaining to bank fraud and other charges that could be stacked alongside the alleged bank fraud offense. In other words, someone facing a federal bank fraud charge could also face other charges at the state level. The California Penal Code contains myriad laws governing the prosecution of the crimes of money laundering, forgery and embezzlement, and someone facing bank fraud charges may also be charged with felony grand theft, depending on the amount of money they are alleged to have defrauded.

Severe penalties can be leveled against people convicted of bank fraud

Federal penalties and state penalties for people charged with bank fraud can be severe if a conviction is reached, and could potentially involve millions of dollars in restitution fines and dozens of years behind bars if convicted. The sentences given to people convicted of bank fraud are typically related to the dollar value of the funds involved in the alleged fraud. A strong criminal defense attorney can stand up for someone who is being charged with these crimes in court, helping to reduce charges via a plea agreement and reduce fines or prison terms in the case of a conviction.

Okabe and Haushalter can represent you in court

If you have been accused of committing bank fraud or a similar criminal offense, you will need support from people with an in-depth knowledge of both state and federal laws. Contact the Long Beach bank fraud attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter if you need legal assistance fighting bank fraud charges. Our team of legal experts can help you craft a rock-solid defense against the charges you are facing so you can get back to living your life sooner. A zero-cost case evaluation is just a call or a click away, so contact Okabe and Haushalter today.