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Tagged.com Warned About Sexually Explicit Photos

Okabe & Haushalter Jun 9, 2010 Child Pornography, Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

Tagged.com is being watched by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office. Cuomo is the Attorney General in New York and he is taking aim at the social networking set because it had sexually explicit pictures of young children.

According to Attorney Cuomo, the site ignored its own policies by allowing the pornographic images to be viewed by users. He also says that the site received complaints about the child pornography, but did not rectify the situation. Attorney Cuomo sent a letter to Tagged.com and requested that it take immediate action within five days or face civil action.

Cuomo told reporters, “My message to Tagged.com is: Clean up your act or we will see you in court immediately.”

In response, the site said that it allows users to flag offensive material, which is then removed by the site’s staff. Tagged.com caters primarily to teenagers. However, the Attorney General’s office created fictitious accounts and found that despite complaints, the site failed to remove the images.

A lawyer representing the social network said that it would work with investigators.

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