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Explanation Of The Sex Offender Registration Act

Okabe & Haushalter May 16, 2011 Sex Crimes

Being criminally charged with a sex offense is more than just dealing with criminal penalties. Not only will a defendant be forced to deal with such ramifications as incarceration and monetary fines, but they will also have a subsequent penalty imposed upon them that will prove to be more damaging and difficult than any time spent in jail could be.

In the state of California, according to §290-294 of the 2010 Penal Code (also referred to as the “Sex Offender Registration Act”), each criminal who is convicted of a sex crime, such as rape, will be forced to register as an official sex offender with the chief of police in the city that they live. If their city has no official police department, they are to register with the sheriff of the county. Also, if they are currently attending a state university or community college, they are required to register with the chief of police of the campus.

This is a crippling and embarrassing act and can have extreme ramifications on their future. For instance, even if a sex offender comes to California on a part-time basis out-of-state, according to §290.002, if they are to be within the state for more than 14 days or 30 days throughout the year, they must register.

We at Okabe & Haushalter understand that this is not only inconvenient, but it can also be crippling to a defendant. To be forced to live with this stigma for the rest of your life is embarrassing and painful. For this reason, if you have recently been criminally charged or accused of a sex crime, regardless of the circumstances of the arrest or the details regarding the crime, you should waste no time in contacting an experienced and hard-hitting South Bay criminal defense lawyer from our firm.

We recognize what is at stake and are intimately aware of what you will be facing should you be convicted. By bringing our immense experience, we will stand by your side every step of the way as we help you to build a case from the ground up. We will draw upon our vast resources and use our considerable knowledge to ensure that every nuance is addressed and every detail is answered.

You have too much at stake to let an experienced and apathetic attorney deal with your case – you need to be confident that you have a hard-hitting advocate on your side to help you defend your freedom. You can be confident that you will receive this should you choose to work with a lawyer from our firm. So do not waste another moment. Contact a Los Angeles sex crime attorney from our legal team today and we will immediately get started evaluating your case and helping to explain to you all of your different legal options.