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Counterfeit Computer Networking Equipment Lands Maryland Man In Prison

Okabe & Haushalter Aug 26, 2011 Computer Crime

he recent arrest and 30-month prison sentence of a man in Maryland is the result of the role he played in a complicated computer crime. The conspiracy involved the import and sale of computer networking equipment with a counterfeit Cisco brand. Following his prison term, the convicted male will be required to pay more than $100,000 in restitution, in addition to the three years of supervised release time he will be forced to make good on.

The sophisticated computer crime utilized pirated software to create labels and packaging materials in order to alter products to look like authentic Cisco merchandise. The cybercrime also involved an array of names and addresses used for importation documents, as well as proceeds worth millions of dollars that were hidden in bank accounts and real estate under the names of various family members overseas.

While this is a drastic version of computer crime, there are multitudes of ways to commit a cybercrime because it refers to any crime involving a computer or network. If you or someone you know is currently facing criminal charges for a computer crime in the Los Angeles, then it is imperative that you speak with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney immediately.

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