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Ignition Interlock Device Faq

Okabe & Haushalter Aug 9, 2011 DUI

One of the newest penalties that are being slapped on people who are getting charged with drunk driving is that of an ignition interlock device (IID). This device, however, is not exactly mainstream and there remains considerable confusion as to what it means – especially to someone who will be facing it as a penalty. In an effort to help alleviate this confusion, we at Okabe and Haushalter have compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the device below:

What is the IID exactly?

In the simplest of terms, the IID will work in the same manner as a breath test. Before the vehicle will start up, a clean breath sample will need to be given. If the blood alcohol concentration is below the threshold set on the device, the car will start up no problem. Then, intermittently throughout driving, another sample will need to be supplied.

What happens if a clean sample isn’t provided?

Contrary to popular belief, the vehicle will not simply shut down – this would pose a serious safety hazard. Instead, an alarm will begin to sound (this could be sounds, lights or a combination) until another sample is given. The event will also be recorded and will be printed out for review by the proper personnel.

How many vehicles does the IID need to be installed on?

Every vehicle that you will be driving. This could be a vehicle that you own or a vehicle that you are leasing. Similarly, it could be a vehicle that you own personally or something that you own jointly. If you will be driving, you will need to install the IID on it – typically, at your own expense.

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