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New Information Reopens Case From 1981

Okabe & Haushalter Nov 18, 2011 Criminal Defense

A death that happened more than three decades ago will now be reopened for investigation in light of recent information that has surfaced regarding the case.

N. Wood was killed in 1981 on Thanksgiving weekend while out on a yacht off Catalina Island. She was accompanied by her husband and actor friend at the time that she fell overboard and drowned. When the case was first brought to trial it was ruled that the death was an accident. However, according to officials several sources have now come forward with new information that could change the previous ruling of the case. Therefore, it is being reopened.

Cases which are brought back to court are not usually successful in changing their outcome, but you can never be too sure. Especially with a case as high-profile as the one described above, there is always a reasonable chance that the two men on board with Ms. Wood at the time of her death could now be convicted of a crime, whether or not they really committed it.

For any case and particularly for those as substantial as Ms. Wood’s it is absolutely crucial that the accused individual(s)seek aggressive legal representation on behalf of their defense. With the help of a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, the chances that you will be convicted of murder or something else of a criminal nature will substantially diminish. Going to court alone and undefended has great potential to negatively affect the outcome of your case, and when it comes to criminal trials this is the last thing you want.

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