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Two Suspects In Custody For The Murder Of El Camino Real Student

Okabe & Haushalter Jan 20, 2012 Murder/Manslaughter

El Camino Real students and faculty alike were shocked to hear that a student, initials F.R., was killed in a shooting that occurred last Wednesday, January 11, in front of his Winnetka, Los Angeles home. So far two suspects, both with extensive records, have been placed in custody for the crime. Authorities say that around 6 p.m. F.R. answered a knock at the door and upon stepping outside, was fired several times. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The woman who knocked at the door is currently one of the suspects in custody. One of F.R.’s neighbors said that he had seen F.R. hanging out recently with a girl whose description matches that of the female defendant’s. The motive for this crime seems to be a bit of a mystery, considering F.R. had a good rapport among his peers and teammates- F.R. was a goalkeeper on the varsity soccer team.

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