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Manhattan Beach Sting Leads To 18 Arrests

Okabe & Haushalter Apr 3, 2012 Sex Crimes

In a sex sting that took place at a Manhattan Beach public bathroom, police arrested 18 men. Police set up the sting after multiple complaints from concerned Los Angeles County Lifeguards who had been noticing suspicious activity. This suspicious activity included men loitering in and around beach bathrooms. In addition to this “loitering” lifeguards also noticed sexually explicit graffiti and holes drilled into the partitions of the bathroom walls. It was discovered that the bathroom had recently been initiated as a sexual meeting place. It didn’t take long for the police to make their first arrest. Once surveillance was set up, police arrested a man within minutes. Some of the charges included soliciting, lewd acts in a public place, utilizing a peephole in a restroom, invasion of privacy and indecent exposure. This isn’t even a comprehensive list. Police say they will be continuing these operations in the future.

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