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L.a. County Now Using Aerial Surveillance To Fight Crimes

Okabe & Haushalter Jul 28, 2012 Criminal Defense

Many concerns are arising with the L.A. Sheriff’s Department choosing to allow aerial surveillance in the city of Lancaster to help fight crime. This controversial crime fighter is leaving many people to ask whether or not their own personal privacy is being invaded by this act? While this isn’t the first time the police department has taken measures to watch over the city from a plane, though it was done in much smaller segments.

With the newer Lancaster police surveillance plane, the people are being watched constantly over a 10 hour a day period, with the video being sent directly to the police stations for monitoring. Not only are those committing crimes concerned about this constant video footage, but also the everyday members of the community, they fear that their rights to privacy are being invaded. While the constitution never directly states that any individual has the right to privacy, many of the amendments within the constitution point to that assumption.

Reports show that people wonder how long this new security will last, and whether the idea of someone always watching will lead the people to feel more vulnerable rather than protected by their policy? The local law enforcement claims that this new device is making it much easier to catch a criminal in the act because with a few seconds of a phone call the cameras can locate the suspect, and they hope this tool continues to be used in the future.

Unfortunately with these new security tactics in the city of Lancaster, criminals are being caught more quickly and their futures are being put on the line. In the event that you are arrested for any sort of criminal activity it is imperative that you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, especially in the event they have your footage on the big brother cameras in the sky. Contact Okabe & Haushalter today for a criminal defense attorney that can help you!