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Bangladesh Man Arrested in FBI Sting Operation

Okabe & Haushalter Oct 18, 2012 Criminal Defense

A Bangladesh man was arrested and accused of trying to blow up New York’s Federal Reserve building. The 21-year-old had tried to detonate a fake, 1,000 pound car bomb. According to U.S. officials the man had considered targeting President Obama before he settled on the Federal Reserve building. While his family believes that their son/brother is the “victim of a conspiracy”- that he only went to the United States to study business, evidence suggests otherwise.

When the defendant arrived in the United States in January, he had made statements that he was in contact with a Qaeda network. The defendant said that he admired the radical who inspired the “underwear bomber.” Prosecutors now allege that the defendant traveled to the United States in January with the explicit purpose to carry out his attack.

The man’s father claims that he spent all of his savings to send his son to America. The man’s father is now calling for his government to get his son back home. For simply making a bomb threat, an individual can be in a lot of trouble. An offender can face up to one year in county jail, three to six years in state prison, and a fine up to $250,000. In the wake of September 11th, terrorist threats and borderline activities are not taken lightly.

Convicted terrorists face little sympathy and extreme penalties- while lengthy prison sentences are the most common penalty, death sentences have been given as well. Terrorists are most often sent to maximum security penitentiaries- recently, it has been leaked that torture often occurs in these penitentiaries. Because terrorism is the premeditated act of killing one or more persons, it is often not difficult for courts to sentence terrorists to the death penalty. After September 11, new laws across the nation enhanced the penalties for crimes committed with a terrorist intent. If you have been charged with making terrorist threats or engaging in terrorist activities, you should seek legal help immediately.