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Attorney Haushalters Fifty Shades of Grey Assault Client Released From Jail

Okabe & Haushalter Mar 20, 2015 Sex Crimes

Mohammad Hossain, the 19-year-old client of Attorney Haushalter accused of the sexual assault of a fellow University of Illinois at Chicago student has been released from Cook County Jail. The release comes after Judge Peggy Chiampas ruled that prosecutors failed to provide convincing proof of the crime. The incident in question was instead asserted by Mr. Hossain’s defense team to be inspired by the recent film, Fifty Shades of Grey.

As CBS Chicago reports, Mr. Hossain has been in protective custody since his arrest last month. The charges stem from the unnamed female student’s claim that Mr. Hossain assaulted her during a sexual encounter that began as consensual, but, allegedly, took an unwanted and violent turn.

In the hearing held Thursday, the young woman recounted that she and Mr. Hossain’s had had a casual sexual relationship prior to the incident. After seeing Fifty Shades of Grey in a local theater on February 21, she met up with Mr. Hossain and they eventually retired to his dorm room on West Harrison Street. According to her, she agreed to be bound in Mr. Hossain’s room, but when the encounter became “rough,” she asked Mr. Hossain to stop. She later left and a friend called the police for her. At the hospital, she had two bruises photographed.

The judge, however, was not convinced by the photos or the testimony. She ordered the release of Mr. Hossain. She noted the state could still pursue the case against Mr. Hossain, but would have to obtain an indictment from a grand jury to do so.


Mr. Hossain, his family, and his defense team have maintained his innocence since his arrest. Not only did his defense team properly counter the thin case brought against Mr. Hossain, but they emphatically characterized him as the student leader that he was. Not only is Mr. Hossain a UIC triathlete and star student on in the pre-med program, but also an alum ambassador charged with a greeting and welcoming visitors to the university. We congratulate Attorney Haushalter on his stellar work, unflagging advocacy, and assured victory in this case.

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