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Man Charged With Stealing $2 Million Worth of Lego is Back

Okabe & Haushalter Jul 31, 2017 Criminal Defense

The famous shoplifter Ignatius M. Pollara traveled from Florida to Chicago back in 2015 on an apparent business trip. Pollara has attracted the attention of the media since then. He stole valuable items such as high-end lego and place them in less expensive packaging. These items were sold online making about 2 million in revenue. The proceeds were used in lavish travel. Law enforcement officials say he used his Toy R Us rewards card in about 139 stores across the country. Ignatius still has some trips to make to the Illinois Department of Corrections. He was recently sentenced to five years in prison for his numerous convictions Contact a high-profile criminal attorney to handle all the details of your high-end criminal case.

Organized retail crime

According to a recent study about $30 million in merchandise is stolen each year in the United States. There are those like Ignatius who place expensive merchandise inside a box of a less pricey item. Other shoplifters use foil-lined bags to pass through anti-sensors, switch bar codes or simply place items in their pockets.

The online marketplace

Organized shoplifters are getting global. As more transactions take place online, chances are criminal cases may not be as simple as they used to be. Although online marketplaces report taking the necessary measures to fight these issues, things can fall through the cracks and the wrong person may end up being convicted of cybercrime.  If you are facing cybercrime convictions in Chicago, contact one of our cybercrime attorneys and we’ll explain in more detail what your legal options are.  

The trial just begun

Pollara’s trial is barely starting. While he has been held in jail for shoplifting in a  Lombard Hobby Lobby store back in 2015, he still has other charges to fight. Mr. Pollara was apparently inhibiting his own defense in the courtroom by interrupting the judge a couple of times. He was placed in a soundproof booth in the courtroom after insulting a witness with obscene names. Criminal contempt of court charges come separately from the main case. These charges can continue even after the underlying case has been dealt with.

Protecting individuals in high-end cases

When someone is charged with a high-end crime, he or she is bombarded by the media and the charges are often exaggerated distorting our perception of sentencing. Whether the individual is guilty or not, it’s important to investigate the case and gather the necessary evidence to cause the jury rule in your favor.  Although you are innocent until proven guilty, the opposite may also apply. In the eyes of the media, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Okabe & Haushalter take your case seriously and will fight to prove your innocence.  Even when the individual is found guilty, a high-profile Chicago criminal attorney can defend your rights and have multiple criminal charges dropped.