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International Organized Crime Can Net Billions of Dollars

Okabe & Haushalter Oct 23, 2017 organized crime

It is no wonder so many people get involved in international organized crime; the payoff is huge! Extremely successful organized crime units can bring in millions of…billions to their organization. Having numerous contacts and members around the world can make it difficult for any one law body to catch up to them. The risk is worth the reward, especially if they feel no danger in being apprehended. But, eventually it can all crumble. And the major players do major time, and those who are involved, even on a lesser scale, can see their freedom drift away before their eyes. Many international crime organizations think ahead and have some of the best international organized crime attorneys money can buy on hand.

If you somehow have gotten caught up in an international crime organization – knowingly or unknowingly – you want a fighting chance at your freedom. International governments tend not to be lenient on such groups. They look to make examples out of them without considering their families or loved ones. Okabe & Haushalter have defended clients successfully and put them in a much better position than they originally were. Although they are based in Los Angeles, they are some of the best international organized crime attorneys. Their reputation is known worldwide as being on top of their game.

As of 2014, the biggest international crime organizations included:

Solntsevskaya Bratva ($8.5 billion in revenue)
This organization is made up of 10 smaller self-governing groups. They pool their resources, and all the money is overseen by a 12-member council. The 10 groups meet annually in a different part of the world, but disguise their meetings as festive celebrations. They consist of 9,000 members and are in the drug and human trafficking business.

Yamaguchi Gumi ($6.6 billion in revenue)
This is the biggest known gang worldwide. They make most of their money through drug trafficking, gambling, extortion and “dispute resolution.” This gang date back hundreds of years.

Camorra ($4.9 billion in revenue)
Although the Italian-American mafia in America is not as strong or as prominent as it used to be (courtesy of law enforcement), they are still visible and dominant in Italy. They make their money from sexual exploitation, weapons trafficking, drugs, counterfeiting and gambling.”

‘Ndrangheta ($4.5 billion in revenue)
Based in the Calabria region of Italy, they are the second largest mafia group when it comes to revenue. They have made a name for themselves by building relationships with cocaine traffickers in South America, although they do take part in the same deal as Camorra.

If you are in trouble with the law due to alleged activity with an organized crime group, you need to contact one of the best international organized crime attorneys based in Los Angeles. Okabe & Haushalter have the experience you need on your side to ensure you walk away in a better position than your current situation. Do not hesitate to call them. Your future could depend on it. Contact them right away.