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Uproar in the Case of Cyntoia Brown, Teen Sex Slave Convicted of Murder, But the Law is the Law

Okabe & Haushalter Nov 24, 2017 Sex Crimes

America is up in arms about the case of Cyntonia Brown, a teen sex slave who killed a 43-year-old abusive man and is now serving a life sentence. Celebrities have started a social media campaign and a petition has been launched to free Cyntonia Brown. But releasing Brown from prison is not going to be an easy task, as, above all, the law is the law, our Los Angeles murder attorney here at Okabe & Haushalter warns.

In 2004, Brown – aged 16 – killed Nashville realtor Johnny Allen, 43, who the teen alleged solicited her as a prostitute. The girl had been repeatedly raped, abused and held at gunpoint before the abusive man exploited her as a child sex slave. During her trial, Brown admitted she feared Allen, as he had a military background and owned countless guns in his home. The then 16-year-old child sex abuse victim eventually killed the abuser.

Brown is now serving a life sentence in prison without the eligibility of parole until she’s 67-years-old.

What’s the story in the case of Cyntonia Brown?

Prior to being exploited by the abusive realtor, Brown was living in a motel room with an adult male pimp who went under the nickname of ‘Kutthroat’. Not only had the pimp offered Brown’s sexual services in exchange for money, but also violently abused her sexually, mentally and physically. He also provided her with drugs.

The case of Cyntonia Brown has been making headlines for a decade now, particularly after the release of a documentary called Me Facing Life: Seeking Redemption in Cyntoia’s Story, directed by Dan Birman. The documentary premiered on PBS in March 2011.

The filmmaker followed the convicted murderer’s case for seven years, and his work became the driving force behind changing laws in Tennessee. Under state laws in the southern state, anyone under 18 years old can no longer be charged with prostitution.

Can Cyntonia Brown be freed?

In recent weeks, the push from celebrities on social media to free Cyntoia Brown has intensified. Kim Kardashian has been by far the most helpful ally of Brown, who has not only been actively calling for Brown’s release through her social media accounts – followed by over 150 million people combined – but also enlisted her legal team to free the convicted child sex slave.

Kim Kardashian enlisted her Los Angeles attorney Shawn Holley to help build a defense case and contribute to the release of Brown in the nearest future. Other stars who have campaigned for Brown’s release – and promoted the #FreeCyntoiaBrown hashtag on social media – include Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Cara Delevingne, and Alyssa Milano, among others.

While one can argue that the conviction of Brown is an unfair case against the girl who had been sexually exploited and was a victim of rape, sexual, physical and mental abuse, the law makes no exceptions and gives no preference in cases with murders.

What to do in sexual assault cases like this?

We asked our murder and sexual assault attorneys in Los Angeles to spell out how Brown’s case would be different if her case was heard today. Technically, Brown could still get a second chance, as the court would now treat her as a child human trafficking victim.

With the increased push from celebrities and other prominent figures in the media, we could soon see Brown go through a second trial to determine her fate, forecasts our sexual assault attorney at Okabe & Haushalter warns.

Given the unique factors of Brown’s case, her impeccable behavior in prison, as well as the work she has done behind bars for a decade (Brown is closely cooperating with the courts and the Juvenile Justice system as an unpaid consultant), Brown’s release, is actually more real than people may think.

If you’re a victim of sexual abuse or child sex slavery – and you were imprisoned for retaliating against the abuser – let our Los Angeles sexual assault attorney look into your case and collect sufficient evidence to help you avoid prison time.

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