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Why Harvey Weinstein Should Be Presumed Innocent

Okabe & Haushalter Dec 2, 2017 Criminal Defense

Whenever a person is accused of a sex crime, it is not unusual for the media and the general public to rush to judgment. It is even worse when a celebrity or public figure faces those same damaging accusations. Perhaps no person in Hollywood is facing a harsher spotlight than movie producer Harvey Weinstein. In the last few months, Weinstein has been accused by several high profile actresses, including Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan, of committing violent sexual acts ranging from rape to sexual assault. Although Weinstein has never been charged or convicted of any crime, the damage has been done. Late night TV is a conga line of comedians and talk show hosts all taking turns to poke fun at Weinstein in their monologues. He has already been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. But what happens if he is found innocent? Is all forgiven? Does he get his reputation and good name back? Probably not.

Is There a Media Bias?

Read any newspaper, magazine or Internet article about Harvey Weinstein and there is one word that appears in every story–” allegedly”. It is a word that is often used when a person is accused of a crime. The media skillfully uses “allegedly” to imply the accused perpetrator is not guilty–at least not yet. But it can also be used as a verb for the prosecution to mount a case against the accused. The overwhelming amount of media hysteria in the Weinstein case creates an impression that the Hollywood mogul is almost completely guilty. Since the story first emerged, more and more actresses are coming out to accuse Weinstein. The case has become comparable to the accusations made against actor and comedian Bill Cosby.

Why Harvey Weinstein Deserves To Be Treated Fairly

The American justice system is built on the principle of innocence until proven guilty. Yet, it seems Weinstein has already been tried and convicted by the media. First, he has not been charged with any crime. But if he was and the public truly wants justice for the alleged victims, the media must be careful. Presuming guilt before proving innocence could be damaging for everyone involved. The conviction rate for those accused of sexual assault is surprisingly low. The majority of those cases never go to trial. Does anyone discuss the reputation of the alleged victims? Not likely.

Protecting the Rights of High Profiled Clients

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