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Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy Accused of Drug Trafficking, When He Was Actually a Life Skills Coach

Okabe & Haushalter Jan 19, 2018 Drug Trafficking

A wrongful arrest is the stuff of nightmares, and perhaps even more so when you’re a Deputy Sheriff working to rehabilitate ex-felons. Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Kenneth Collins worked with former convicts in the Emerging Leader’s Classes, an adult education program designed to help prevent probationers and those on parole from reoffending. Far from providing valuable life skills to help troubled individuals reclaim their lives and benefit from a second chance, Collins is now accused of working with a former Emerging Leader’s student to traffic drugs.

Transporting Drugs from Pasadena to Vegas

According to the case against Collins, he is suspected of working with three others, including former student Grant Valencia, to arrange the transportation of 45 pounds of cocaine and 13 pounds of methamphetamine from Pasadena to Las Vegas. The indictment filed in federal court several days ago stated that the four men were arrested near the Rose Bowl after agreeing to take $250,000 from a man who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. This money was intended as payment for protecting a caravan loaded with the illegal drugs.

According to the FBI agent involved, Collins assured him that, as his team included police officers, all transports made it through. Collins was arrested along with Valencia, David Easter and Maurice del Font on suspicion of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Collins is suspected of abandoning his morals and law enforcement responsibilities in favor of helping drug traffickers. The event leading to his arrest was the latest in a string of related arrangements between Collins’ crew and the undercover agent.

Collins was placed on administrative leave after being arrested, and it has been reported that the process to suspend him without pay has been put into motion by the department. Sources say that the FBI operatives became involved in the staged drug trafficking after being tipped off by others within the police department, who are said to be highly disappointed and shocked by events.

Drug Trafficking Attorney in Los Angeles

The term “drug trafficking” means moving illegal drugs across borders, which can include both state lines and international borders. Los Angeles’ location means it’s a prime spot for transporting drugs into Mexico and beyond, and receiving drugs from overseas. As such, state and federal governments put considerable effort into fighting drug-related crime and, if you’ve been arrested on drug charges, it’s like that law enforcement agents have built a strong case against you, including collecting sufficient evidence.

With that in mind, you’ll need an excellent drug trafficking attorney to represent you in your Los Angeles case. Law enforcement and the state are likely to strongly pursue a tough sentence, meaning you want an attorney who can stand their ground in the face of an aggressive prosecution, providing a skilled defense on your behalf. Without such a strong defense, you could find yourself serving a lengthy prison sentence, as well as being ordered to pay hefty fines.

To schedule a consultation and discuss your Los Angeles drug trafficking charges with an outstanding attorney, call our offices on 310-430-7799.