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Bill Cosby Convicted of Sexual Assault Charges

Okabe & Haushalter Apr 27, 2018 Sexual Assault

In what marks the first successful conviction of the high-profile sexual assault claims to come out of Hollywood, Washington, and elsewhere recently, Bill Cosby has been found guilty of sexual assault by a Pennsylvania jury. After a day and a half of deliberations, the jury announced their verdict on Thursday April 26, finding the former comic and actor guilty of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand, a basketball official at Temple University, who had previously stated she had once considered him to be a trusted mentor and friend. Less than one year ago, a previous jury had been unable to come to a verdict regarding Cosby’s guilt or innocence.

Cosby, who has recently revealed that he is blind, walked with a stick as he attended court to receive the verdict. With three counts of sexual offenses against him, each carrying a potential sentence of 10 years in prison, it now seems likely that the 80-year-old disgraced celebrity will see out the rest of his life behind bars. Cosby has been allowed to return home on $1 million bails while awaiting sentencing, which is expected to take place within 60 to 90 days. After the perpetrator was deemed a flight risk by a District Attorney, he has been ordered to remain within his home unless attending future court appearances, and must undergo a sexual predator assessment.

Accused of a Sex Crime? A Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Could Fight for Your Rights

Sexual assault and rape are serious charges so, if you have been accused of one of both of them in the Los Angeles area, you need legal representation from an experienced and esteemed criminal defense attorney, and you need it now.

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What a Los Angeles Sexual Assault or Rape Charge Could Really Mean for You

Any sex crime is considered a grave offense under California law and, as such, can potentially carry harsh penalties. When you are charged with any form of sexual assault, which may include groping, molestation, attempted rape, touching, assault and battery, or rape, you could be facing jail time and hefty fines.

For example, a standard rape charge in Los Angeles could incur:

  • 3,6 or 8 years in state prison
  • Lifetime sex offender registration
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Mandatory counseling
  • A felony conviction on your criminal record

If you stand accused of any form of sexual assault or related charge, in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the South Bay Area, an Okabe & Haushalter sexual assault attorney could be your best chance of securing a favorable outcome.

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