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Prosecutors Throw Every Charge Possible

Okabe & Haushalter Sep 14, 2018 Child Pornography

There are few crimes in the United States that garner the immediate hatred that child pornography crimes do. If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of child pornography charges, it can seem like the world is coming down on you in an instant.

Chances are the media will get word of the arrest and run it on the nightly news with a mugshot. They’ll show a list of the charges.

Is there a way to recover?

What if you are charged with crimes you really did not commit?

Having a child pornography defense attorney in San Francisco is a must.

A Major Problem

There is a major problem when it comes to many crimes, and sex crimes in particular. Police and prosecutors tend to throw every charge they have in their arsenal at someone when it comes to these crimes. With child pornography cases, they think they can get away with it.

If a few images are found, instead of the suspect finding themselves defending one or two counts of possessing unlawful material, they could find this:

  • 10 counts of possessing child pornography
  • 2 count of distributing child pornography
  • 2 counts sexual exploitation 2nd degree
  • 1 count criminal sexual conduct

Is that fair? Why do they do it? It is a tactic that goes something like this – “Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.”

Except you are the wall, and they are throwing charges.

Lives Ruined

Whether a suspect is found guilty or innocent, because of overzealous charging, they may never again regain their reputation. Police and prosecutors know that they have the upper hand. Almost nobody wants to sit in front of a jury with charges like that, even if most of them are false.

Recently, a Navy man was convicted on child pornography charges. He appealed part of them, attempting to vacate the charge for distributing the material, which he says he did not do.

His appeal was denied. Even though this is a military case, many civilians find themselves in a similar situation.

How Did It Happen

There are many ways in which files end up on someone’s computer. With the rate at which information and data can be downloaded now, you may have hundreds of files downloading at once.

What if one of those is child pornography and you get charged?

What if an ex-spouse or partner sets you up?

Moving Forward From Here

When you get charged for crimes of this nature, it is important to secure a strong legal team quickly. You simply cannot rely on a public defender for a case like this. Your entire life is at stake. If convicted, there could be a long prison sentence.

You could also end up having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. This would severely impact your ability to get a job and it determines where you can live.

When you need a child pornography defense attorney in San Francisco, Okabe & Haushalter will provide you with an award-winning defense team. We know what is at stake and we will guide you through the entire process. Contact us today by clicking here or calling 310-430-7799 for a free consultation.