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Your Mugshot Is There, The Stories Are There

Okabe & Haushalter Oct 6, 2018 Child Pornography

For your whole life, you have seen news stories of people being arrested on child pornography charges. Your first thought was probably very similar to the one that most Americans have when they see a new story – guilty.

Guilty, even though our justice system is designed to presume people’s innocence.

Recently, a San Francisco police officer was arrested on child pornography charges. The 37-year-old is a veteran with the department. His mug shot is all over the news and the internet. Despite what will happen with his case, the stories will always be there and he will forever be guilty in the minds of most, even if he is found to be innocent.

He has been suspended without pay. While he awaits trial, he could lose everything. In this officer’s case, as in the case of anyone with these charges, he needs to secure a strong defense team quickly.

What Happens

No crimes are more vilified in this country than those relating to child pornography. Rightfully so, illegal acts towards children should be dealt with, but the process needs to be fair. Many times, those who are charged with some of the following charges should never have been charged at all:

We have run into cases where a former partner has intentionally set someone up. This can be vengeful and devastating. There are other times when people download a bunch of material and do not realize they have downloaded something illegally.

There are also times when you have done something you should not have done, but that does mean that your life should be over. Depending on the charges, these crimes involve a range of punishments:

  • Strict state and federal prison time
  • Long probation periods after release
  • Lifetime sex offender registry
  • The possible lifetime GPS monitoring

The consequences extend beyond the criminal justice system. If you are convicted of child pornography charges, your ability to get a job after you serve your time will be limited. The hidden costs of these crimes are tremendous.

Being required to register as a sex offender will limit where you can live and your information will be made public, including your address, where you work, and what kind of vehicle you drive.

What You Can Do

At Okabe & Haushalter, we know how difficult these charges can be on you. It can feel like your entire life is crumbling down around you. As overwhelming as this may be, you need to act quickly. The best way to stay on top of the situation is to secure a strong defensive team that can fight back. When you need a Los Angeles child pornography attorney, we will put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

We know that everyone makes mistakes and that should not mean your life is over. When you need a Los Angeles child pornography attorney, you can contact us today by clicking here or calling 310-430-7799 for a free consultation.