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Domestic Violence As Source Of Retaliation

Okabe & Haushalter Dec 29, 2018 Criminal Defense

Divorces are messy. Not only do they cost money, but they are so hard emotionally. No one gets married with the intention of divorce. Sure, some know that it is always an option, but it is not a decision taken lightly or without a tinge of remorse and regret. This applies to those who are going through a divorce with children. When children are in the equation everything seems to get more complicated. Not only do you have to separate assets, property, and discuss spousal support (otherwise known as alimony) but you also have to figure out visiting schedules, primary caretakers and other considerations. Once all is said and done, the separated couples are not done. Modifications may be in order if a parent moves or if a child wants to change something in their schedule.

Unfortunately, we have seen it too many times, spouses will use accusations of domestic violence to waste the court’s time and to send police on a wild goose chase. The beauty and problem with accusations are that you have to investigate if they are even true. When it comes to accusations of domestic violence, those are super sensitive. In our current popular culture, the #METOO movement has gained some much-needed traction. Women’s voices are being heard as thunderous as spring storms and rightly so; however, the negative side of the #METOO movement is that people are becoming too quick to judge. People see headlines of domestic violence or sexual harassment and are quick to say that the person is guilty, but an accusation is not a charge. You must have an investigation before you can truly know what really happened.

In the case of short-lived NBA player Dante Cunningham, he is an example of people believing accusations before hearing the real story. Cunningham was set to be an NBA star. He was drafted from Villanova and played for the Portland Trail Blazers before being traded to Minnesota. That is when all the trouble started. During this time, he was in a passionate 8-month relationship with a woman which resulted in marriage and adoption of her two children. All was well until Cunningham and his partner got into a fight. She then accused him of kicking the door, slamming her head against the door, and choking her. The police arrested Cunningham the next day. Cunningham was released but then arrested again because the ex-wife said that he broke a protection order put against him. Both of these situations were investigated and it was proven that Cunningham was falsely accused.

Having a good Domestic Violence Defense Attorney on your side can be the difference between getting to see your kids or even continuing your career. If you have been accused of domestic violence, you are not alone. Our Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter are here to work aggressively for you. We know that every story has two sides and one should not speak louder than the other. Call 310-430-7799 or click here to discuss how we can help you today.