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Former Community Mentor Facing Child Pornography Charges

Okabe & Haushalter Jan 11, 2019 Child Pornography

We are learning that a former Boys and Girls Club mentor in California has been charged in a child pornography case that includes thousands of photographs and videos. We know this – the man who has been charged, though innocent until proven guilty, has the deck stacked against him.

At Okabe & Haushalter, we have pointed out time and time again how the media, police, and prosecutors seem to work in tandem when it comes to ensuring a person facing certain charges is deemed guilty in the eyes of the public, even before the suspect has a bond hearing.

In this case, all we know is that the man has been charged and what evidence the police and prosecutors say they have, but even if this man is not found guilty, he will suffer long-term consequences. If he did make some serious mistakes, then he is certainly facing a situation in which everyone thinks he is guilty before a trial.

That is how prosecutors ensure they get a great plea deal from defendants. That is also why it is absolutely vital for anyone who is facing child pornography charges to secure a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to help them through this process. When you need a Los Angeles child pornography attorney, you can call us today.

What This Means

When it comes to child pornography charges, there are few things that law enforcement and prosecutors take more seriously. It is important that justice is served for any child that was harmed, but we know that there are times when people are charged when they should not have been or “overcharged” as a tactic.

When we say “overcharged,” we mean that police and prosecutors will throw every charge in the book at a person that is closely related to a crime they suspect was committed. This is an intimidation tactic meant to scare a person charged into accepting a plea deal.

There are man scenarios that we have seen when people should not have been charged at all. Often, then revolve around an angry ex-partner who is looking to get revenge. Not only is this wrong, but it can ruin an innocent person’s life.

We also know that it is possible to download gigabytes of information in seconds thanks to modern technology. Many people may not even know they have downloaded something illegal until the police show up at their door with warrants to search all of their electronics.

Punishment for those found guilty of child pornography charges vary but can include the following:

  • Strict state and federal prison time
  • Long probation periods after release
  • Lifetime sex offender registry
  • A possible lifetime GPS monitoring

After a person serves their time or takes a plea, the punishments continue due to a ruined reputation.

How You Can Move Forward

If you or someone you love has been charged with these charges, please seek legal assistance as soon as possible. You cannot rely on a public defender for charges of this magnitude, especially considering the long-term consequences.

At Okabe & Haushalter, we have experience in successfully defending these charges and are standing by to help. When you need a Los Angeles child pornography attorney, you can contact us today by clicking here or calling 310-430-7799 for a free consultation.