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What to Expect for a DUI Defense

Okabe & Haushalter Jan 25, 2019 DUI

Holidays are always challenging. On the one hand, you get to see people who you haven’t seen in a long time. Family comes into town and you get to catch up on all the family gossip, but that also means that you have to deal with a family that you may not always get along with. The current political climate has really done a number on families, friends, and even marriages. Some people have refused to engage with those who voted for the other candidate while some are still battling to prove that they were right. These conversations are hard and can be emotionally exhausting. These challenging times and conversations can be avoided or resolved at your local watering hole.

Drinking during the holidays is not uncommon. Just scroll through Facebook or Pinterest to see the latest trends in holiday drinks. Drinking during the holidays is how some people avoid talking to those challenging family members and dealing with those hard to deal with situations. There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks, but it can put you in situations that you never thought possible. An ordinary night can turn into tragedy, but you are not alone.

Holiday Drunk Driving Accidents

Last year, 2018, the California Highway Patrol’s Gold Gate Division stated that they arrested 1,140 people statewide for driving under the influence. To put that into perspective, that is more than 2 people a day. Since New Year this year was on a Tuesday, the partying was extra long causing 50 people to die in car crashes involving drug and alcohol-impaired drivers. When it comes to impaired driving, it’s not just the lives of the drivers, but their family members, friends, and employment. Your life changes completely when something as tragic as a car accident happens. So what if you are the one involved?

DUI defense team is not here to judge you for your actions. We all understand that sometimes good people end up in situations they never thought possible. You are not alone and you are not the first to make a mistake. Your life is just as shattered as the other person and you have just as much right to protect your life from the consequences. We know that people learn from their mistakes and we are here to ensure that you are getting fairly treated by the judicial system.

What To Do

Our San Francisco DUI Defense Attorney at Okabe & Haushalter is here to help you get through this tragic time in your life. We are equipped with the experience, resources, and reputation to ensure that you are getting fair and aggressive representation. If you have been involved in an accident while allegedly under the influence then we will do whatever we can to clear your name. We work with clients that were involved in commercial DUI, multiple DUI offenses, DUI with injury, felony DUI, and DUI appeals. Call 310-430-7799 or click here to start a brighter future with us today.