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A-List Hollywood Director Faces Charges

Okabe & Haushalter Feb 15, 2019 Sex Crimes

Bryan Singer is a major Hollywood director, having been involved in many blockbuster films over the decades. He’s been an integral part of the X-Men movie franchise and most recently saw his film Bohemian Rhapsody soar into multiple awards nominations and wins.

But Singer is nowhere to be seen right now.

The director is currently facing a lawsuit from a person who alleges that Singer raped him when he was 17-years-old. Singer, who is 53, has faced allegations of sexual misconduct in the past but nothing has ever been substantiated.

At Okabe & Haushalter, we recognize that this latest charge, one of rape, is serious and can completely alter Bryan Singer’s career and life. While we wait to see how this case plays out, we know that anyone facing similar allegations needs to secure a skilled Los Angeles sex crime defense attorney.

What Often Happens

In the case we discuss above, the drama will unfold in the public. The story from The Atlantic is just the first round of what has become, and will continue to be, a case tried in the public as well as in the courts.

But does that happen to everyone accused of these crimes?

Unfortunately, it often does. We say unfortunately not undermine the seriousness of these allegations. They should certainly be dealt with. Allegations of rape and sexual misconduct must always be investigated, but that should not happen in the public. That is not how our justice system works. Many people find that their face is all over the news almost immediately after they are charged with these types of crimes, regardless of whether they committed them or not. Often, the public considers them guilty before any details of the case are known.

This makes it very difficult for a person to receive a fair trial.

There is so much at stake when a person is facing serious allegations that we need to ensure that the justice system function and is not swayed by public opinion. A skilled defense attorney will be able to build a defense and crack through misconceptions that people have about the accused. Often, we find that the charges levied against a person do not match what the evidence supports.

Other times, a person is wrongfully accused.

What Happens Now?

If you have been accused of rape or another serious sex crime allegation, you need to move quickly to secure a skilled and experienced attorney who will vigorously defend you. Everyone has the right to a fair trial regardless of the seriousness of the charges. We know that you may be confused and scared right now, but you need to know that there is a path forward. At Okabe & Haushalter, we will examine your entire case so we can make a plan for your defense. When you need a Los Angeles sex crime defense attorney, you can contact us today by clicking here or calling 310-430-7799 for a free consultation.