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700,000 People Wrongfully Arrested for Domestic Violence Each Year, Report Says

Okabe & Haushalter Apr 20, 2019 Domestic Violence

Being falsely accused of domestic violence can be devastating for defendants. But unfortunately, it is all too common. A report from the organization Stop Abusive and Violent Environments notes that more than 700,000 people in the United States are falsely accused of and arrested for domestic violence each year. What’s more, up to 70 percent of all restraining orders issued in this country were found to be “trivial or false” in nature. This trend not only hurts the individuals accused, but it also puts them in jeopardy of losing their liberty and freedom if they are wrongfully convicted of such charges. A conviction can come with up to four years of jail or prison time in the state of California.

Whether domestic violence accusations are levied due to anger, vengeance or some other reason, if you have been falsely accused, calling our Los Angeles domestic abuse attorney right away is important. Our seasoned legal team can help you formulate a defense against the allegations and present your side of the story in its best light.

Minimizing the Consequences of False Domestic Violence Allegations

What you do in the aftermath of a false domestic violence allegation is important to the outcome of your case and your very future. Our Los Angeles domestic violence attorney suggests that you:

  • Stay away from your accuser. Do not attempt to contact the alleged victim or confront them about the accusations they’ve made. Investigators will be scrutinizing your behavior after you’re charged. Anything you do now may help to support any false narrative your accuser has started. If you have to have contact (and the law permits), such as to pick up your children for visitation, have witnesses present, and if possible, record the interaction. Arrange for pickup in a public location so that there are plenty of witnesses.
  • Stay off social media. Everything you say and do on your social media accounts can be used as evidence against you. Avoid striking out angrily or trying to avenge yourself online. Remain silent about the charges.
  • Look for evidence to prove your innocence. Look through old texts and emails and listen to old voicemails to help show the court that the alleged victim had a reason to lie about the matter. Talk to family and friends who may be able to corroborate your side of events. Keep notes on anything that might help to prove your innocence.

Facing Domestic Abuse Charges?

Police and prosecutors in the state of California take domestic violence accusations very seriously. A conviction of such charges can result in life-altering outcomes that negatively impact the accused and their families forever. Okabe & Haushalter wants to help. Whether you are accused of domestic battery, child abuse, elder abuse, or some other domestic violence crime, it’s important that you contact our Los Angeles domestic abuse attorney right away to get started on a strategy for your defense. Call us at 310-430-7799 to set up a free, no-obligation case consultation with our team today.