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California Wants Gascòn’s Criminal Reform

Okabe & Haushalter May 28, 2021 Criminal Defense

Give the people want they want. Okabe & Haushalter in Los Angeles is notorious for advocating fiercely for their clients. In the land of law and order, a criminal defense attorney is your key to fighting a system rigged to convict the guilty with lengthy sentences that don’t necessarily match the crime.

Newly elected District Attorney George Gascòn ushers in a new era of criminal reform with a strong push toward actual reform. Some of his policies include ending excessive sentencing which fit a policy of “tough on crime” but did not reflect the severity of the crime. He is a highly contentious character that some consider too idealistic. Gascòn’s idealism was put to test when Okabe & Haushalter wrote an appeal to the CA Supreme Court as an advocate for their client. Their client was accused of kidnapping, extortion, carjacking, criminal threats, and six counts of assault with a firearm. Under the old DA, the defendant was also charged with “firearm enhancements”. If proven, the enhancements would result in additional years of prison. An appeal was written asking the CA Supreme Court to weigh in on letting Gascòn’s policy justify the removal of the enhancements. The appeal encourages the court to allow Gascòn’s policy to affect their client’s current situation as well as set a precedent for future cases.

Okabe & Haushalter are at the forefront of pushing policy to create fairer trials for all involved. They are fierce criminal defense attorneys who push courtrooms and policies to create a more just Los Angeles.