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How to Guard Against Uber and Lyft Attacks

Okabe & Haushalter Feb 15, 2023 Uber and Lyft Accident

Uber and Lyft have become immensely popular services because they offer a convenient means of reaching one’s destination when other options are unavailable or aren’t practical. Additionally, scheduling a ride with one of these services can theoretically boost one’s safety in certain instances. For example, if you’ve been drinking, scheduling a ride with Uber is much smarter than attempting to drive yourself.

That said, unfortunately, there have been incidents involving passengers being attacked or assaulted by rideshare drivers. Ways you may guard against this happening to you include:


It’s not always a real Uber or Lyft driver who assaults a passenger. Sometimes, an individual posing as a driver for one of these services attacks a passenger who enters their vehicle mistakenly thinking their driver has arrived.

Before getting into an Uber or Lyft, confirm the vehicle make, model, and license plate matches that on the app, and confirm the driver is the same.

Share Details About Your Trip

When using Uber or Lyft by yourself, share the details of your trip with others. Uber and Lyft even have features that allow you to share this type of information with family members and friends easily. If a driver does attempt to harm you during a trip, others monitoring your ride may suspect something is wrong, taking action accordingly.

Err on the Side of Caution

There are various reasons you might begin to feel uncomfortable with a driver during an Uber or Lyft trip, even if they haven’t yet harmed you.

Perhaps the driver isn’t the one in the photo, but the vehicle matches what’s on the app, and the driver claims to be a friend or family member of the driver who usually drives on that account. Maybe the driver is making statements that are sexually suggestive. Perhaps the driver seems confrontational, aggressive, intoxicated, etc.

Don’t dismiss your instincts. Even if a driver hasn’t necessarily done anything “wrong” yet, if you feel uncomfortable, strongly consider telling the driver you changed your mind about your destination and would like to be let out. True, it’s possible you had nothing to worry about, but it’s better to err on the side of caution in these circumstances.

Don’t Go Straight Home

You may not be comfortable essentially letting an Uber or Lyft driver know where you live. Even if they don’t assault you in the vehicle, they could track you down later if they wished to. Thus, if you’re using one of these services to return home, set your destination as a spot within reasonable walking distance of your actual home. This can prevent a driver from finding you in the future.

All that said, if you ever are the victim of an Uber or Lyft attack, it’s important to report the incident and discuss your case with an attorney. At Okabe & Haushalter, our Los Angeles Uber and Lyft attack attorneys may be able to help you secure financial compensation. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us online or calling us at 310-430-7799.