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What Makes White Collar Crime Lawyers Unique?

Okabe & Haushalter Jun 17, 2022 White Collar Crimes

When you have been accused of any crime, hiring the right attorney to represent you is critical. Being convicted of a crime can have a significant influence on your life for years to come. You need to optimize your chances of resolving your case in a manner that minimizes the negative consequences you may face.

When hiring an attorney, it is vital that you understand one essential fact: Not all criminal defense lawyers handle the same types of cases.

Perhaps you have been accused of a white collar crime. If so, you likely would not benefit from hiring a lawyer who primarily represents clients accused of such crimes as petty theft. You need representation from a legal professional who understands the nuances of your case.

A single blog entry can’t cover all the ways a white collar criminal defense attorney can serve your needs more effectively than other types of criminal defense lawyers. The following general points will simply give you some basic insights into the unique way in which these types of attorneys approach cases like yours:

An Emphasis on Learning

Every white collar crime case is unique. Very often, properly navigating and litigating such cases requires possessing a relatively deep understanding of industry-specific practices.

Successful white collar criminal defense attorneys appreciate this. Thus, they prioritize thoroughly researching the industries and fields of their clients to ensure they have the background knowledge necessary to provide a strong defense.


Because every white collar crime case is unique, there are some instances when these cases are resolved fairly quickly. That said, this is not common. Typically, white collar crime cases take longer to resolve than other types of criminal cases.

You need an attorney who is willing to dedicate substantial time and resources to your defense. If you hire a criminal defense lawyer who does not have experience handling white collar crime cases, you may find that their dedication to serving your needs will wane as your case plays out. On the other hand, when you hire a white collar criminal defense attorney, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your lawyer understands the commitment they are making by taking your case on.


Don’t overlook the importance of this quality when choosing a lawyer to defend you. Very often, white collar crime cases involve numerous parties and various moving parts. In order to provide you with a genuinely effective defense, your lawyer needs to be organized and methodical. They must possess the ability to keep track of all the factors influencing your case. Additionally, they need to be able to coordinate with multiple parties over a long span of time to build the strongest defense possible.

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