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Bathroom Peeper Arrested In South Bay

Okabe & Haushalter Mar 31, 2010 Sex Crimes

Police in Torrance arrested a peeping tom last week with the help of a boys baseball team.

According to police, Manuel DeJesus Garcia, 33, had been following women into the bathroom at a McDonald’s Restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway. Inside the bathroom, he would look up at them as they used the toilet from underneath the stall.

On March 13, video surveillance footage caught Garcia running out of the restaurant at the same time women started screaming from the bathroom. Fast forward to March 21 when the boys were practicing baseball in a park across the street from the McDonalds. Police approached the boys, showed them a picture of Garcia, and asked them if they had seen him.

Later that day, the boys recognized Garcia leave the restroom and run out of the McDonald’s. Four of the boy’s dads took off and were able to follow Garcia until police were able to catch up and place him under arrest.

This isn’t the first time Garcia was arrested for peeping. He has been arrested at least three other times for voyeurism. It was not reported whether or not those arrests resulted in formal charges or a conviction.

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