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L.A. Gets Closer To Shutting Down Med. Marijuana Dispensaries

Okabe & Haushalter Mar 29, 2010 Drug Offenses, Medical Marijuana

The city of Los Angeles is one step closer to enforcing an ordinance that would shut down hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the city.

There are currently about 1,000 dispensaries throughout Los Angeles, but if and when the ordinance goes into effect, only the 187 dispensaries that were registered with the city before a moratorium was issued will be able to keep their doors open. This means over 800 dispensaries will be forced to closed.

The ordinance will also prohibit dispensaries from opening or operating near schools, public parks and libraries, and religious institutions.

Before the ordinance goes into effect, two separate city council committees will be voting on registration fees for dispensary operators. The suggested fee is about $1,600 for each dispensary. Once the registration fee has been decided the ordinance can take effect.

In response to the ordinance, medical marijuana advocates are suing the city of Los Angeles in an effort to try and save the dispensaries.


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