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Father & Son Arrested For Vehicle Theft Scam

Okabe & Haushalter Mar 15, 2010 Grand Theft, Theft Crimes

A father and son remain in police custody after they were arrested for stealing credit cards and money from the elderly.

Witnesses say the father-son team would watch from the parking lot as their victims went inside the Ralphs supermarket on north Sepulveda Boulevard. While the victims were inside, the two would back their vehicle into the victim’s parked car, purposely causing minor damage. Then, as they exchanged information with the victim, they would steal their cash and credit cards.

While responding to an accident last week, police spotted the father and son as they were driving away. They were able to make an arrest a short time later.

Both Gino Oneal Sr. and Gino Oneal Jr. were booked at the El Segundo Police Department on grand theft charges. They are being held without bail on related parole holds.


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