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Several Arrested In Insurance Fraud Case

Okabe & Haushalter Mar 23, 2010 Fraud

One attorney and several chiropractors and paralegals were arrested this month for their involvement in a large-scale auto insurance fraud scheme.

According to ABC News, the group is suspected of defrauding 19 insurance companies by filing false claims for staged accidents, costing nearly $550,000. Prosecutors say those arrested were part of a larger conspiracy involving more than 300 suspects.

The attorney arrested in connection with the fraud ring is 40-year-old Vadim Schar of Encino, who has been charged with 16 counts of insurance fraud and four counts of illegal drug possession for cocaine, methamphetamine, and concentrated cannabis and marijuana.

Also arrested were chiropractors Arkady Pishik, 52, Arutyun Tovanyan, 33, and Dely Diaz, 37. Several paralegals were arrested as well, including Alex Shidlovitsky, 56, Geliya Akselrud, 67, and Michael Itkin, 50. All are facing various counts of insurance fraud.

So far 63 people have been charged in connection with the conspiracy ring, and 27 of those people have already pleaded guilty or no contest.

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