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Man Charged In Real Estate Scam

Okabe & Haushalter Jun 3, 2010 Criminal Defense, Fraud, Grand Theft

Recently, law enforcement officers reported that an Orange County man committed grand theft. The man is accused of recording deed for dozens of homes that he did not home. The homes were all located in four Southern California counties. After creating fake deeds, Blair Hanloh would rent the homes to tenants.

Police was contacted after neighbors reported that the foreclosed homes were invaded by squatters. When the police arrived, they discovered what Hanloh had been up to.

After finding out about the real estate scam, police arrested Hanloh for felony grand theft, filing a false instrument and breaking and entering. He was later released after paying $50,000 bail. Police say that they are still looking into the incident and that most of the properties were located in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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