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Multiple Arrests In Marin County Child Pornography Bust

Okabe & Haushalter Feb 24, 2012 Child Pornography

So far it has been reported that three arrests have been made in the Silicon Valley in Marin County raids on child pornography. Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children conducted the raid on Thursday, February 23rd. The team included 75 agents from a different city, state, and federal agencies. Warrants were handed out to four people on suspicion of downloading child pornography and three actual arrests were made- one in Fairfax, one in San Rafael and the last in Novato. The task force, which is federally funded, hands out warrants based on searches of computers for which they have evidence of downloaded child pornography.

After the warrants were given, police investigated and made the arrests. According to the San Rafael Police, these child pornography crimes included infants and pre-pubescent children. Some twenty other child pornography arrests have been made in the bay area just in the preceding few months. The child pornography crime is becoming a bit of an epidemic, increasing at a rate of 150 percent every year. According to police, it is the fast-growing crime in the entire United States.

California takes the crime of child pornography extremely seriously, and if convicted a person could face life in prison. It is absolutely illegal to possess or sell any type of material sexually depicting a child under 18 and a person will be prosecuted based on the amount of material found in their possession. If you have been accused of child pornography charges, then you need A strong defense from a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at our firm. Contact a Los Angeles child pornography lawyer from Okabe & Haushalter immediately if you are facing charges of this nature.