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Torrance Ex-teacher Pleads Not Guilty To Lewd Charges

Okabe & Haushalter Feb 21, 2012 Sex Crimes

An ex-teacher from Torrance pled not guilty to 23 charges of lewd acts against nearly two dozen children. The 61-year-old 30-year elementary school teaching veteran is in jail with a $23 million bail. The lewd acts allegedly took place between the years of 2005 and 2011 against children as young as 7 years old. This man was the second teacher to be charged with lewd actions against children at this particular elementary school. The other alleged criminal is currently out on bail awaiting his court appearance in April. He has three counts of lewd acts against him.

According to sheriffs, the investigation began a year ago when a film processor informed authorities that they found more than 40 photographs of the teacher with bound children. The photos got even stranger and more sickening, which led to the immediate dispelling of the man from employment at the elementary school. Physical evidence was found in the defendant’s classroom that matched those depicted in the lewd photographs. More photographs were also found at the teacher’s residence. Ten of the children pictured in the photographs have yet to be identified.

Sex crimes are taken extremely seriously in the state of California, especially when they are committed against children. If convicted, the ex-teacher from Torrance could face up to life in prison. Being given the title of a sex offender is a lifetime title, and can even be placed on those convicted of indecent exposure. If you are facing sex crime charges, you should contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from Okabe and Haushalter immediately. We have been named Super Lawyers numerous times and possess the tenacious advocacy it takes to see that our clients receive the justice they deserve. Contact a Los Angeles sex crimes lawyer from our firm today.