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Teen Pleads Not Guilty To Facebook Sexual Assault Charges

Okabe & Haushalter Feb 15, 2012 Assault

A 19-year-old male from Santa Clarita is pleading not guilty to the allegations that he committed sex crimes against underage victims whom he met on Facebook. 34 charges are being brought against him, and if he is found guilty of all of them, he could get life in prison. The charges against the 19-year-old are extremely serious and they involve girls as young as 12 years old. Prior to the five new counts of felony for committing lewd acts against a child he just received, he had already been charged with 29 counts of sexual assault from more than a dozen victims. He was placed in custody on December 15th of last year.

The investigations began that same December when the first report came to detectives. When that case began to be investigated, detectives were led to thirteen other girls who all claimed that the 19-year-old had assaulted them. At this point, victims keep surfacing so frequently that detectives suspect even more will come forward during the trial. The Santa Clarita teen claims that he met all of these girls through either Facebook or social gatherings. He would then claim to be a minor as well, only 16, and convince the girls to have sex with him, allegedly.

Sexual assault is an extremely serious charge. As is the case with the Santa Clarita teen, these accusations could end a person up in prison for life. Sexual assault is defined by unwanted sexual contact forced upon a person. In this case, those persons were minors, which pose even greater charges if the teen is convicted. If you have been charged with sexual assault, it is important that you contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney that you can trust. At Okabe & Haushalter, we specialize in criminal defense and have dealt with many sex crimes cases, so contact a Los Angeles sexual assault attorney from our firm today if you need defense.