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In Many Countries, Rape is an Epidemic

Okabe & Haushalter Oct 28, 2017 Rape

When we go on vacation to another country, we usually do not think about the negative aspects of our destination. In fact, most countries isolate tourists to a certain portion of the said country as not to show the dark sides and seedy underbelly of their local habitat. What we see are the smiling faces willing to wait on us hand and foot, but we rarely take the time to humanize these individuals. We do not consider what type of lives they live, or the conditions under which they live. It is all about us and our fun, and rightfully so. We work hard during the year so we can spoil ourselves with a plush vacation. Sometimes we go with our families, and at other times we may go with friends. And at the resort, it seems like only the most beautiful women work there, some who may even be interested in dating an American man. But what can start out as a great time between two consenting adults, can sometimes turn into a horrible legal nightmare. When this happens, hiring a tough international sex crime attorney in Los Angeles is your best bet for fighting these charges.

Maxwell is a businessman in Los Angeles. Every year, he and his buddies make a trip to Canada. It has been an ongoing thing for over a decade now. Maxwell got divorced almost 12 years ago, so he really looks forward to these trips every year. He has dated here and there, but nothing substantial. However, he always seems to find a “lady friend” when in Canada. His other friends are married, so they do not need to look for companionship on these trips.

One year, Maxwell met who he thought was the woman of his dreams. They went out and had a great time. His buddies went to a hockey game and they all agreed to meet up later. Maxwell and the young lady had a great night on the town, but both drank a little too much. The next morning, the woman woke up in a panic and accused Maxwell of drugging her and raping her. He was arrested and allowed a phone call. He contacted his friends to let them know the situation, but told then to find a tough international sex crimes attorney. Maxwell knew he had an uphill battle in front of him. He could lose everything because of a one-night stand he thought had the potential to go further.

Being accused of rape – especially when you are innocent – is a horrible feeling. Having to obtain a tough international sex crime attorney based in Los Angeles almost makes you feel like you did something wrong. Who would need an attorney if they are innocent? Never try to battle an international court system on your own because you do not know the laws. It is better to look guilty and be found innocent, than trying to maintain your innocence without legal counsel. It can end horribly. Contact Okabe & Haushalter if you find yourself in a precarious situation outside of the United States. They have experience in order to get the job done right.