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What Happens To Foreigners Who Violate Trump’s Travel Ban?

Okabe & Haushalter Oct 29, 2017 Criminal Defense

The White House has recently unveiled the latest version of President Donald Trump’s new travel ban. The restrictions affect any foreign nationals coming from or traveling to Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Somalia, Chad, Libya, Syria and Yemen. The controversial travel has been revised several times after being ruled unconstitutional by federal judges in Washington and Hawaii for targeting Muslim travelers. By including non-Muslim countries, such as Venezuela and North Korea, many believe the new travel restrictions will be enforced. But what are the consequences of violating the travel ban?

Does the Travel Ban Make America Safe?

When Donald Trump ran for president, his campaign contained catchy slogans such as “Make America great again” and “America first”. It helped attract a loyal patriotic following that ultimately got him elected. But there is some debate about whether Trump’s travel ban makes the United States a safer country.

First, it is important to understand the new travel restrictions will be enforced differently depending on the country. The President justified the travel ban due to the difficulties of effectively vetting visitors from nations that are perceived as a threat to the United States. Trump says it is the first step towards developing an effective immigration policy that protects the safety and security of Americans from possible terrorism or International crime in the United States.

How The Trump Travel Ban Will Be Enforced

Under the new Trump travel ban, each country will have a different set of restrictions. Each is based on its level of danger towards the security of the United States. Here is a brief list of some of the restrictions listed in the ban.

  • Syria and North Korea: All immigrants and non-immigrants will have their travel privileges suspended.
  • Libya, Chad & Yemen: Entry into the United States with a business or tourist visa will be suspended for some.
  • Somalia: Entry for all immigrants into the United States will be suspended. Non-immigrants will face more intense screening and vetting requirements.
  • Iran: All immigrants and non-immigrants traveling to and from the United States will be suspended unless they have valid student visas or exchange visitor visas. Those with valid visas will face more intense vetting and screening requirements.
  • Venezuela: Certain Venezuelan government officials along with their family members as non-immigrants on some business and tourist visas will be suspended.

Unlike the previously proposed travel bans, the latest version will temporarily limit travel for 90 days. President Trump had originally signed his first version of the travel ban during his first week in office. But it was immediately met with stiff resistance from civil rights groups, including the ACLU and was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in Washington.

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