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Foreign Students are Subject to U.S. Laws While in America

Okabe & Haushalter Oct 31, 2017 Foreigner Arrest

Many foreign students come to America to study. Either on their own or through a foreign exchange student program. The opportunity to live in this country – even temporarily – is worth it to them to leave their families and live among Americans. They want to experience life and culture; they want to be apart of a world and society they only see in movies. Getting to “dress” American and learn how to “speak American” will no doubt make them the envy of their peers once they return. However, as residents in America, they are subject to the same laws as everyone else. There is no special immunity or pass if they were to get in trouble with the law. They will have to endure the same due process as any American citizen, which could complicate things for them.

Okabe & Haushalter represents foreign students who may find themselves in this situation. For the most part, foreign students who reside in this country are law-abiding people. But not everyone who commits a crime is a criminal. Because of cultural and social differences, what may be a crime somewhere, may not be a crime in another country. But, ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. If this happens, the first step to take is to reach out to a foreigner arrest defense attorney in Los Angeles and internationally. Okabe & Haushalter are internationally known for their solid criminal defense and impeccable record when it comes to fighting for their clients. Their years of practice have made them some of the top foreigner arrest defense attorneys in Los Angeles and internationally.

If a Foreign Student Gets Arrested

If a foreign student gets arrested, they are subject to the same laws as any U.S. citizen. They can be arrested and charged with a crime; held in custody until trial or released on bail, and finally sentenced (paying a fine or prison time). In many cases, the person makes a plea deal in exchange for a reduced sentence. However, doing that can seriously affect their immigration records.

Once the person is charged with a crime, they can not leave the United States until the case is resolved. This means they can be away from their family for days, weeks, months and sometimes even years.

Whether the student is found guilty or not, the school may decide to suspend or expel them. Once this happens, the student no longer has a legal right to be in the country because they have violated their student visa.

Studying in America is a great privilege, but with that privilege comes the responsibility of abiding by the laws, or at least knowing who to turn to if you get into trouble. Okabe & Haushalter have the legal team and resources to construct an iron-clad defense, which makes them some of the top foreigner arrest defense attorneys in Los Angeles and internationally. Contacting them will make a difference.