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Being American Does Not Give You Privilege To Break The Law Overseas

Okabe & Haushalter Oct 31, 2017 International

Going to another country can be exciting. You get to learn a whole new culture and way of life that is different from your own. Some practices may come off as a little odd, and some may not make sense to you at all. But, you-you take it all in stride and go along with what the locals do. That being said, along with the practices of the area you are visiting, you may want to keep abreast of the laws. Many countries have laws that Americans do not understand, and something we see as innocuous could cause an international incident.

Your best bet when traveling abroad is to not only learn the laws of the land but also have an experienced international criminal defense attorney at your disposal, just in case. You hope you will never have to call them, but again, you want to be prepared for anything that happens. Okabe & Haushalter are some of the most experienced international criminal defense attorneys based in Los Angeles, with a reputation that spans the globe. They have been defending clients for years, and they have a working knowledge of many other justice systems. They know what it takes to put together an iron-clad defense that would put you in a better situation than you currently find yourself. They go above and beyond what should be done to make sure you are well-represented.

During the Summer Olympics in Brazil in 2016, some American swimmers were caught vandalizing a gas station bathroom. At first, they concocted a story about being held at gunpoint and escaping. But as time passed, the true details emerged about the incident. Apparently, an argument took place and an altercation, leaving one swimmer mildly injured. In order to save face, they made up an elaborate story about being robbed, giving the country a negative image. It was bad enough the country had a bad press for not having sufficient or efficient lodging for the athletes, with rooms leaking and partially done, but now the world saw them as violent thieves as well. Many Americans empathized with the swimmers, even after the truth came out. The Brazilian government, however, was not so lenient and detained them for a while. They eventually were released and sent back home. Some say they were a disgrace, others chalked it up to “boys being boys.” Either way, with the aid of an experienced international criminal defense attorney, they finally touched the ground on American soil.

If you ever find yourself in trouble internationally, and need the assistance of an attorney, finding an experienced international criminal defense attorney is your best bet. Although based in Los Angeles, Okabe & Haushalter have been defending clients internationally for years. They have a stellar track record to show for their success. Do not hesitate to reach out to them if you are in a predicament and need legal assistance. They are willing to go the extra mile.